"Make the Night Yours" by utilizing Ignights real time information that will help you quickly decide what venues to check out to optimize your night out. Ignight’s vision is to be the leading night life app; to optimize the users night out and provide them with a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Rewards System for active users
  • Current Bar promotions
  • Relevant bar/club reviews
  • Current/upcoming events

Our Services

Ignight offers our users with insight into bar/club information at the palm of their hands. Our services are to include but not limited to, popularity, relevant occupancy, events occurring, promotions.

  • Ignight is being developed based on the idea of optimizing and getting the most out of your night.

  • Have you ever gone out not knowing specifically where you want to spend your evening or maybe you do have a specific venue in mind but when you get there, it isn't what you were expecting? This is where Ignight can help.

  • This App wil eliminate time searching for a Bar/Club that will be suitable what the evening have in store. Earn points for all your purchases and redeem prices.


How it works

Ignight works in a way that once downloaded the user has the ability to locate bars in their vicinity. The user can then narrow the searches to their liking such as bar type, location and how popular it is. They have access to recent and relevant reviews of the bar along with various information that will be viable into their decision as to what bar/club to visit. They also can subscribe to the bars/clubs of their choosing and receive a push notification of current promotions that they offer as well as special events that are occurring. The user also has the ability to rate and review bars/clubs they have visited and check into their current destination for the ability to receive rewards points that can be accrued for later use.

College Graduation Party

If you are planing College Graduation Party Ignight is here to help with access of over 1200 venues in LA we are the right choice.

Fun can be anywhere!

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Use Ignight app and find our where is the funniest party in the town. We bring the world together to celebrate the past and the future.

Team Members

We're the best professionals in this.

Joshua Bolstad


B.S Electrical Engineer. Held various job titles to include test, electrical and systems engineering. Working in the space industry on multiple mission system programs. 

Jeremy Wyngaard

CCD (Chief Creative Director)

A Third Society Artrepreneur.
Using his experience growing up as a Military Brat, Jeremy has developed the ability to assimilate himself into multiple cultures. This past has given him the ability to assimilate more cultural experiences than just his own. Passionate about art and its ability to bering people together, he studied in Graphic Design, learning how to use art to promote business. Starting his design career with small start-ups he has acquired many insights into business and marketing, which lead him into an opportunity for a more solid foundation in . Side stepping into Production Art, for large companies such as Infiniti, Audi, and Intex. He has assimilated his design principles into streamlining, work and design processes. Today, he is culminating these experiences to best manage individual talents, maintain focus on company vision and goals, and well be the teather that connects teams of professionals!
In his free time he looses himself in his art interests. Believes lovingly-annoying his wife is an acceptable hobby/pastime, and takes opportunities to encourage others in their passions!

DeAjene Brown


My Name Is DeAjnae Brown from Long Beach, California. I come from a military background and lived all over California. I went to high school in San Diego then attended a community college and now attending California State University of Northridge pursuing an mechanical engineering degree with an emphasis in aerospace.

Christofer Maldonado

Regional sales manager

My name is Christopher Maldonado. I was born in North Hollywood, and have been a valley kid all my life. I went to Chatsworth High School. After high school, I attended community college to figure out what i wanted to major in. I attended Pierce College and graduated with my associate's degree after 4 years. At the end of my pierce college career I selected to major in economics. I transfer to California State University of Northridge and after 2 years graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics with a minor in Marketing.

Sasha Poparic


Mr. Poparic is a pioneer in the field of Internet transaction payment processing, content marketing, website development, and strategic implementation. During his career, he has established numerous successful web properties that cater to the European community, generating millions of unique visitors per month and offering a variety of products and services. He holds a master’s degree in music science and electronics. Sasha’s entrepreneurship pushed him to expand into the hospitality industry. He has built successful night clubs in Beverly Hills, California, and Zurich, Switzerland. Most recently he has embarked on a new endeavor: hotel and land development on the Adriatic Coast.


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John Capone

Web Art Director

As a college student I am constantly looking for night life events and Ignight helped me pick the right venue I wanted to attend. I got to spend less time looking for the right event and more time enjoying the night out. 

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